Pictish Stone of the Day: Rosemarkie

The Rosemarkie stone is an 8th century Class II Pictish stone (Cross Slab), probably associated with the Pictish monastery at the Rosemarkie, Easter Ross. It is currently located in the Groam House museum in Rosemarkie. Groam House: http://tinyurl.com/3hxcfb9 The front has a cross in its upper portion, with intricate Celtic designs. The reverse side has four Pictish symbols, probably arranged as two pairs. Top pair – two crescents and v rods (most of the top most symbol is missing). Bottom pair consists of  double disc and z rod paired with crescent and v rod. There are also a mirror symbol and possibly an oil lamp symbol below the main symbols. Below this is another cross, again surrounded by intricate designs.

Rosemarkie Stone.  Photograph © copyright Iain W G Forbes

Rosemarkie Stone, Pictish Symbols. Photograph © copyright Iain W G Forbes

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  1. Wonderful, i was so lucky to see this stone earlier this year, remarkable! I am intrigued by the mirror symbols & found another in Inverness museum, need to dig deeper 😉

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