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  1. Hi Iain,
    I look forward t reading your book n the Picts. Just wondering if you aware that there is a couple of pictish settlements extant in north eastern Ireland today One is around the Ardglass area in County Down and the other I believe i in CountyTyrone. Anthropologist and geneological studies suggest this and the surnames of the people back this up. My own surname O’Prey being a case in point. The picts of County Down (the area then referred to as Cuab) are also mentioned in the old Irish saga of Cuchulan in theTain mythologies. Must have been pre-celtic or possibly, as some believe, refugees from
    Scotland allocated land there. Might be worth further study…

  2. Have you announced a release date yet? I’m very interested and will follow your tweets!

  3. Ian,
    Please take a look at my short essay on the Pictish V-Rod and it’s possible use as a Farmers Almanac to tell the Seasons.

    I’d appreciate any critiques. Thank you!
    Jason Bellchamber

  4. Hi Jason, your ideas look fascinating! I think the rodded symbols contain multilayered information. I think Astronomy, astrolology and calendars are all interwoven in Pictish symbols and on Pictish bstones in general (Check out the so-called hunting scene on the Shandwick Stone – I propose that this is a calendar)

    Will look at your paper in more depth, meanwhile I’ll link to it from this blog!


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