This blog is written by Iain Forbes, who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and is the author of a new book about the Picts entitiled “The Last of the Druids – The Mystery of the Pictish Symbol Stones” which will be published in the new year Amberley Publishing (http://www.amberleybooks.com/).

Iain has a Twitter account, dedicated (although not exclusively) to the Picts.  His tweets can be found under the username: @IainForbesPict . Please feel free to follow his account.

  1. Hi Iain…I agree with you that they were a very mis-understood people and as usual, anything that can’t be understood in ancient times was shunned and outside ‘normal’ society.Some really beautiful carved stones, certainly not done by a ‘barbaric people’.
    Philip at Megalithic Monuments of Ireland.com

  2. James Sneddon

    nice web site with megaku=ithic maps etc http://www.megalithic.co.uk/ maybe of interest

  3. georgemaciver

    The Picts defeated the Romans and built properties that lasted over 2000 years. They were hardly primitives 🙂

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