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The Picts, who inhabited Scotland in the first millennium AD, remain one of Europe’s most enigmatic peoples. Although leaving little in the way of written records, they did however leave a legacy of literally hundreds of magnificent carved stone monuments. The vast majority of these are adorned with strange scenes and seemingly impenetrable symbols. The purpose and meaning of these strange hieroglyphic-like symbols have baffled archaeologists and historians for nearly two hundred years. Using a combination of astronomical software to simulate the Pictish night sky and by delving into the astronomical significance of European mythology, Iain Forbes demonstrates that scenes depicted on two prominent monuments are actually celestial calendars. A revolutionary new theory is presented that suggests that Pictish druids were practiced astronomers. It is argued that the previously impenetrable pictographs can therefore be explained as forming a complex set of astrological symbols, which, in combination, indicate whether the celestial portents on a particular day were auspicious or inauspicious. The implications of this new theory with regard to our understanding both of the Picts and also the origins of astronomy and astrology in Europe and Asia are explored.

  1. Looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. centralpainsyndromeblog

    Sounds fantastic, can not wait to read it.My family comes from Elgin/Forres so know a bit about the Picts but would love to see your research also I have a few Druid friend’s that I’m sure would enjoy your book too.

  3. Best of Luck with the Book!

  4. After your presentation on Saturday I’m really looking forward to reading your book.

  5. Hi Iain, Just wondering how I could obtain a signed copy of your book? Best wishes, Jo

  6. Hi, I’m in love with your site, so much depth and information….is the book ready yet!!! i want a copy asap…I am an artist and researcher and my studies are deeply involved with your topic, my artworks are currently utilising the pictish symbols as they reference very deep notions of NW European psyche and trigger all kinds of latent memories in our cultures….
    looing forward to reading…will you be releasing an E books copy for download…..Im not based in UK so cannot get a paper back…..

    interstingly enough I have Hare Krsna friends who once attended a wedding on the Isle of Lewis – perhaps the last stronghold of the Picts before the Norsemen conquered the Isles, anyway, during the ceremony, which was a Vedic Marriage ritual, with Mantras and Invocations in Sanscrit – the Local people who were attending the wedding were astounded to realise that they UNDERSTOOD the most part of the ritual, as they recognised 40-50% of the words from their old Scots (pictish?) Dialect…so Is pictish Sanscrit!!
    I’d bet on it!!!

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